These Are 5 of the Hottest Sex Positions on Cam Sites, but Why?

In the world of adult cam platforms, an increasing number of XXX models will no doubt tell you that things are getting downright competitive. These days, there’s a seemingly endless flow of horny slut flocking to the platforms with a mission to showcase the deepest depths of their perverse lust with the entire world via live porn shows and free live sex chat sessions.

In turn, this has led many of the women currently performing on the platforms to up their game and strive to perform the kind of sexual performances that can keep their fans engaged enough. As well as indulging in a wide range of fetishes, one of the best ways that they can do this is by pulling off some of the most popular sex positions that have proven to be a massive hit amongst live sex cam fans.

There are a tonne of sex positions that can be found being deployed in live sex cam sessions, but there are five in particular that have managed to stand head and shoulders above the rest. In this wild guide, we’re going to take you on a XXX adventure through all of them and keep you in the loop about why they’re so damn popular.

I hope you’re feeling flexible because it’s time to get started!

Upside Down Blowjob

Let’s kick the list off with this absolute banger of a sex position. Yep, it’s the humble upside-down blowjob. A girl makes this work by hanging her head off the side of a bed and leaving her face upside down. Ideally, she will be staring deep into the lens of her webcam and, in turn, into the eyes of the countless horny people tuning in to see her.

Then, she will wrap her pretty hands around the shaft of a huge dildo and kick off one of the most intense blowjob sessions many people have ever seen. Thanks to the position of her body aligned with her throat, the upside-down blowjob position leaves no obstacle to the dildo reaching the depths of her neck, and it provides the kind of deepthroating show that drives blowjob enthusiasts wild.

Naturally, this is reserved for some of the most extreme cam models out there who have experience of extreme deepthroating. If you’re a fan of wet, sloppy, and utterly messy blowjobs, then this is the kind of live porn content you should keep an eye out for.

Riding in Reverse Cowgirl

Next up, we have a sex position that has been made infamous in porn performances around the world; reverse cowgirl. This sees a girl slide her wet pussy or ass down on a cock, spread her thighs, and begin riding it until she reaches orgasm. Thankfully, this position is ideal for orgasm, and it’s also perfect for giving viewers the ideal angle to see the cam girl in all of her sexual glory.

If a girl chooses to ride a dildo and combine it with a Bluetooth vibrator, this is an ideal way to do it because fans get to see both toys in action at once. Plus, the reverse cowgirl position is often such an irresistible sight that many people can’t resist activating the latter interactive sex toy and making the girl cum.

Riding on a See-Through Chair

One of the most popular sex positions to pop up on live cam platforms recently has been chicks straddling an acrylic see-through chair, slapping a dildo to the seat of it, and slamming their ass down on it. Thanks to the backrest, the cam girl can hold on and get some serious momentum in her dick-riding session.

Plus, the see-through nature of the seat means that anybody watching the show gets all of the sticky details. It’s a win-win!

Doggy Style With a Sex Machine

Whether you’re something of a live sex cams veteran or are still finding your feet in this new and exciting realm of live and interactive porn, then you’ll no doubt have encountered the powerful sex machines that so many live cam models are starting to deploy in their shows. To take full advantage of the power of these machines and how long and deep their thrusts go, many cam models opt for the doggy style position!

On all fours with their asses in the air, cam girls look super submissive when they adopt this position and present themselves to the mercy of a powerful sex machine. With their dripping pussy hanging in mid-air, it’s also the perfect way to entice fans to activate the machine via Bluetooth and send it hurtling into the pussy of their chosen cam girl at full speed.

To top this position off, it also offers perfect access for cam models to reach between their thighs and tantalize another part of their pussy while their fans fuck them via remote control. For example, some will reach around and place a powerful magic wand against their clit to make themselves cum as a rubber cock hammers their wet hole. It’s wild!

Lying Side Fuck

This sex position might sound like an insult you’d throw at someone, but it’s one of the ideal ways for cam girls to take a breather when they have just undergone a particularly intense session on their knees in doggy style or have been putting their core to work in a riding session. It’s the lying side fuck that sees cam models lay on their side and lift their legs to allow a cock to slide into their hole.

This is a favored position amongst fans also as it looks kind of like Rose getting painted by Jack on the Titanic, just with a lot more high-tech sex toys than in the James Cameron movie. This is actually a ubiquitous position to be seen in 18+ teen cams, too. Those damn lazy millennials!

These Wild Sex Positions Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

While these five positions are trendy amongst cam models and their fans, they are merely the tip of the iceberg, and you can expect to see a virtual library of eye-opening positions deployed on live cam sites. Maybe one will become your new favorite position to deploy in the bedroom?

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